The World Is Outside

We tend to tell our kids to go "play outside" and " get some fresh air" but our kids don’t always want to listen to us. Here are 4 reasons why your kids need to be outside at least an hour a day.

  1. While playing outdoors, children will have the freedom to engage with their peers and understand how to interact with one another. This also allows children to develop and express their individual personalities.
  2. Outdoor play allows children to move their entire body and use their muscles This includes actions like alternating their feet to walk up and down the stairs, bouncing, climbing and jumping. This helps increase blood flow circulation and develops motor skills. Another skill that playing outdoors can provide for children is spatial awareness.
  3. Playing outside can also have a lot of health benefits. Not only can it be a great way to exercise the body, this will also help with mental health. Playing outside can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Physical activity promotes better focus and less impulsivity and children tend to behave better when they are physically active.
  4. Playing outdoors with friends and toys can help your child activate his or her imagination. When children are outside, the possibilities are endless for them to be curious and tap into their imagination. They can pretend to be whoever they want to be and that can help them even later in life when choosing a career.  

So next time your kid doesn’t want to stop playing video games and go outside, encourage them to do so by letting them know the benefits and lead by example. Practice what you preach; physical activity benefits everyone, not just kids. Being outside together can also strengthen your bond with your kids.

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